Norway – back to the roots

It was wonderful to catch up with and introduce Reiner to my Norwegian family. My paternal Grandmother (Bestemor) studied English in Birmingham and stayed when she met my Grandfather (Bestefar). Her father, Ole Dehli founded the Cooperative movement in Norway at the beginning of the 20th Century and there is even a statue of him in Oslo. So it was great to stay with my second cousins Kari in Lunde, Telemark and then Arvid on the Oslo Fjord. I think the pictures say everything about how beautiful it is. The Norwegians are incredibly open and hospitable and we (my sister Jenny and husband Trev, Reiner and I) were made very welcome. We made sure we said “Takk” for everything like we read in the guide book – the Norwegians even say “Takk for sist” (thank you for the last time) when they meet each other after a while.

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