Hi, welcome to our blog! We hope you enjoy the pictures and stories we have to tell about our trip to Australia.

It has been Reiner’s dream to go to Australia since he was ten years old. He read a book about the Great Barrier Reef and was totally fascinated. Liz has always wanted to visit her friend Sue who lives near the GBR too so we decided we have to go … there’s no time like the present. We didn’t realize how much work it would be to organize the trip, but with the help of Cynthia Bardowicks, a friend and travel agent as well as friends and Liz’s students, we poured over lots of catalogues, trawled the web and came up with a tour which will take us to the main desti-nations of Singapore, Sydney and Mackay. Liz started packing a few weeks ago but Reiner has been busy making this blog – we wonder which one of us will have “bloggorroea” 🙂


Did you ever consider that Europe fits quite easily into Australia?

P.S. We called our blog “prepfrog” after a dear student of Liz’s, Bernd, who was convinced his prepositions were bad….. Liz bought a frog pen which croaks when students make preposition mistakes and christened it Bernie….. And Bernie christened himself Prepfrog ……