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To Bergen by train

Said to be one of the most beautiful train rides in the world, we travelled through the most amazing scenery and enjoyed free tea and coffee. I was very amused by the American lady behind us who commented that “the butterscotch houses are not very refreshing”.


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Malta in November

What an impressive island! Malta shows you every weather you can imagine (but no snow).
Liz an I, we joined in Malta (or do you say “on Malta”) the 30th IATEFL BESIG Annual Conference. And we had a lot of time to look arround the “Salini Resort”. For half a day we could also visit the Capital of Malta: Valetta.

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From Biel to Grindelwald

After a wonderful sunny day in Biel we arrived on an even sunny day in Grindelwald. We bought a 3-day-Jungfrau-Pass and were the day after at the Jungfrau-Joch. An amazing Swiss Alp area there, really!

Table of MountainsGrindelwald - Eiger

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Nürtingen on the river Neckar

Nice eggs for breakfast in hotelRiver Neckar and NürtingenThe Aileswasensee nearby Neckartailfingen

Liz seems to be a fan of Stuttgart and now Nürtingen. We had a nice weekend there, visited my elder son and realized how beautiful the area around the the Aileswasensee (belongs to Neckatailfingen) is.

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Cooking with friends – Catalonian style


Brilliant experience – like cooking with friends who are gourmet cooks in their olde worlde kitchen without a dishwasher and real knobs on the hob. I have to say it was the best birthday present I ever have had – thank you Liz 👌

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Jersey – a look back at a dark history

The Jersey War Tunnels are not really an attraction for pleasure, they are more a historical monument where you are invited to get an interesting look back at the 2nd World War history of the Island with objective facts and figures.


Liz was especially impressed by the picture with Winston Churchill where you can see the same question that the British had to answer today in the UK (but in another context):


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From Water’s Edge to St Helier

From Water’s Edge to St Helier and later in the day back to Bouley Bay to our lovely chalet.

Stella Artois, what else?

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End of Cruise but still the Caribbean

After the Cruise we landed in Barbados and had a nice day with Liz’s sister and husband. We celebrated the end of a great holiday with dinner watching the sun go down over the ocean. We absolutely fell in love with Cruising after the 6 days cruising through the southern Caribbean Islands.


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In the Rain Forest near San Juan, Puerto Rico

The green island of Puerto Rico – from San Juan, where our ship arrived, led us to the famous El Yunque rain forest. The taxi driver tended to all our needs – including fresh mangos from the trees.



With personal hats 🙂


And amazing views …


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St Kitts

Slightly disappointing after glorious St Lucia – the beaches are a bit tacky and the boys were disappointed with the snorkeling. But we watched a monkey looking for food and experienced a Caribbean downpour:-). Cruise elegant was the dress code for the evening so we dressed up in our finery and decided the Caribbean air shrinks your clothes :-). 



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