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Norway – back to the roots

It was wonderful to catch up with and introduce Reiner to my Norwegian family. My paternal Grandmother (Bestemor) studied English in Birmingham and stayed when she met my Grandfather (Bestefar). Her father, Ole Dehli founded the Cooperative movement in Norway at the beginning of the 20th Century and there is even a statue of him in Oslo. So it was great to stay with my second cousins Kari in Lunde, Telemark and then Arvid on the Oslo Fjord. I think the pictures say everything about how beautiful it is. The Norwegians are incredibly open and hospitable and we (my sister Jenny and husband Trev, Reiner and I) were made very welcome. We made sure we said “Takk” for everything like we read in the guide book – the Norwegians even say “Takk for sist” (thank you for the last time) when they meet each other after a while.

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The 90th birthday …

… but not of Miss Sophie but my Dad, so we traveled to Bournemouth for the first of two parties. My Dad got the red carpet treatment with 50 guests to help him celebrate his great day … but after the party is before the party and we’ll be celebrating again in Germany in four weeks! By the way, he started the day with an early morning swim!

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BESIG and cup cakes 

I was told at the Business English Conference in Munich that my fun talk on A Question of Attitude was a perfect way to end an inspiring day … and the cup cakes were absolutely delicious!! Reiner enjoyed the opportunity to catch up with the latest developments in Business English for his website activities.

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Indian summer in Saarbrücken 

We really felt on holiday the past couple of days at the wonderful natural pool at Kirkel – as you can see from the pics :-). And the salmon trout fished by Klaus’s neighbour Aloyse was just yummy!

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Country lanes to Fowey

I think you should take a test before you drive down Cornwall’s narrow country lanes. Reiner was happy to finally get the hang of English roundabouts and now the lanes where one of you has to reverse if it is too narrow – and pray the other driver isn’t stubborn if he is nearer the wider bit of road … But it was all worth it in the end when we arrived at Fowey (pronounced like joy) and devoured fish ‘n chips and mussels in the King of Prussia!


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Arrived in Singapore

Well finally we were packed and left a very cold Germany on Thursday evening. In fact it was snowing as our plane took off. The flight attendants on Singapore Airlines are beautiful and very friendly. But what a long flight!!!! I can see why passengers upgrade to business class … We got off the plane in Singapore to a blast of heat and very humid air, what a difference to Frankfurt! We can see why Singapore Airport has been voted the best airport in the world for the past 25 years – it really is attractive and very, very clean. We took the train to Singapore City Centre and found the hotel with the help of some friendly locals. And WOW!!! To swim outside in a warm pool at 33°C after freezing Frankfurt is just paradise, now topped by Singapore Slings at the edge of the pool …
Highlight: being greeted by a crowd of Singapore children who cheered loudly when we waved at arrivals!

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