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Milan & Malerwinkel

What an amazing four days! First stop was Milan with a client to give a talk on Attitude at their annual Strategy Workshop. The CEO of the famous German BVB football team also gave a very interesting speech on the topic – and all at the Alfa Romeo Museum! Then Wellness with Reiner at Mediterana and Malerwinkel – perfect!!



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Christmas with family, friends and students

It was wonderful to spend a totally harmonious Christmas with Marc, John and my Dad and rediscover old family games. We all became quite addicted to ‘Sternenfahrer’ with a nice glass of wine 😀. I discovered too that I quite enjoy baking in our new kitchen and probably made 150 mince pies – much to the delight of my students. A real highlight was my client’s invitation to a Dr Zhivago Xmas party at Schloss Bensberg in Düsseldorf and the red dress I found at the local secondhand shop!





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