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Au revoir Villefranche

After a last swim in the constantly inviting clear blue sea, we celebrated the last evening of a perfect holiday at our favourite waterside restaurant, le Trastevere in the company of two Dutch couples and a Frenchman – what a wonderful conversation in French, English and German which showed us again, it is good communication that matters – not how perfect your language is … Villefranche – à bientôt!

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Villefranche et Liz se couchent

ça c’est Villefrache


et ça c’est Liz


All this sightseeing is sooooo tiring :-). But we had a lovely day in Èze-Village with a breathtaking view over the Med wandering around the quaint art galleries and wondering if we could afford one of the enticing colourful paintings …but we decided to be sensible and instead cooked a delicious dinner of French lamb chops and runner beans and enjoyed watching the sun go down over the bay – Villefranche is said to boast one of the five most beautiful bays in the world and I fully agree!

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… gave Joséphine a miss

Monte Carlo

for Monaco!

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The tour de Nice

Promenade des Anglais

Ok, it was one of the fastest tours we have ever done, but it was in a way important to see the Promenade des Anglais and probably have a nice dinner in the old town area. But two hours later we were back again in beautiful Villefranche in a seaside restaurant enjoying a candlelit dinner.

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Villefranche se reveille

La vue et le ciel sont fantastiques! And swimming in the beautifully clean and clear blue sea too. Not to mention the yummy fish and mussels in the waterside restaurants and wandering through the unspoilt alleyways.

IMG_2730.JPG(c) Reiner

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Back in Villefranche


It’s lovely to be back in Villefranche and show Reiner the picturesque little town between Nice and Monaco which has not lost its quaint and traditional French atmosphere to tourism. Although quite a climb to get to, our appartment enjoys a breathtaking view over the bay – which we discovered when drinking our early morning cup of tea in the garden :-).

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Liz gets famous – YouTube we come

My first movie with main actress Liz!

Liz in BESIG2014

Liz speaks in BESIG 2014

Liz Jolliffe speaks about #BESIGBonn2014

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Liz & Reiner at Lake Constance


Liz & Reiner in Constance

What an interesting weekend! We had planned a leisurely train drive to Lake Constance for personal Enneagram coaching but due to the train strike 🙁 we drove down to Constance in glorious sunshine. The lovely town was buzzing with students and tourists and we enjoyed a leisurely lunch at the harbour. The private coaching with Gabriela von Witzleben was fascinating and showed us we know ourselves and each other well – and complement each other too with me as the Enthusiast and Reiner the Peacemaker! We plan to do more training in Wiesbaden and Lanzarote. The weather was good to us all weekend so we could enjoy relaxing in the thermal pool right next to the lake and lunch at a lakeside Biergarten on Sunday before a rather arduous journey home.

Harbour ConstanceReiner 'n LizReiner aloneReiner not aloneLiz in Constance

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