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Tour through the Krachten

The tour began in front of our pretty hotel. Later from Erhard’s boat we saw the amazing landscape of the North of Holland. By car we reached the “Afsluitdijk” (enclosing dyke) which separates the sea from the lake (the IJsselmeer dam in the North separates the IJsselmeer from the Wadden Sea).

WartenaThe enclosing dykeErhard's boatLandscapeWho is the guy?Often seen

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Pancakes, canals and clog country

Despite the constant rain forecast, we arrived at Wartena Hoeve in Warten in the sunshine and managed a glass of wine outside with our friends, Erhard and Uschi, who have a boat here.


The friendly B&B is characterized by lovely thick beams and cow paintings!

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Back to the roots

Ludwigshafen am Rhein

View of Ludwigshafen am Rhein (town) out of a gliderLudwigshafen Rhein Galerie 20100712Place RougePlace Rouge FontaineRhein promenade in Ludwigshafen:Rhein promenade LudwigshafenHartmannstr11 CornerHartmannstr. 11Hartmannstr11 Isabella's graveIsabella's BirthdayThe Parkinsel

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