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The second 90th birthday party ….

… was exactly four weeks later and we had a very memorable party with our friends in Germany at Alter Hof in Hofheim-Wallau. The food was amazing and there was a surprise visit by the other 90th birthday child, Miss Sophie and her butler James … Olaf took some amazing photos and Marianne made the lovely name cards.

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Christmas with my men :-)

Reiner called it “übermännert” – my Christmas together with the men in my life 😉 … Reiner, my boys, Dad, ex-husband Nick, Reiner’s brother Klaus and our good friend Bernd … and good fun was had by all!

Baking with the precision of an engineer :-)

I was very impressed by how Reiner put the marzipan and icing on our traditional Christmas cake – he said it reminded him of decorating rooms which he loves doing! I suppose there is a slight similarity to plaster and paint …

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Christmas with family, friends and students

It was wonderful to spend a totally harmonious Christmas with Marc, John and my Dad and rediscover old family games. We all became quite addicted to ‘Sternenfahrer’ with a nice glass of wine 😀. I discovered too that I quite enjoy baking in our new kitchen and probably made 150 mince pies – much to the delight of my students. A real highlight was my client’s invitation to a Dr Zhivago Xmas party at Schloss Bensberg in Düsseldorf and the red dress I found at the local secondhand shop!





Hat party

One of Liz’s students turned 50 recently – and she wasn’t the only one with a great taste in fascinators at her party 😀  

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Kitchens, cars and cats 

Back in Germany we are happy that the kitchen is finally finished. But we sadly had to say goodbye to my Fiat 500 (and hello to Adam)  



 and today, to our lovely 14 year old pussy cat, Bart 😞. 

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The Peace Bridge in Niedernhausen

The Peace Bridge
Great Weekend refinded by a scrumptious barbecue with Debbie and Paul. Liz met Debbie and Paul 10 years ago in a course to improve their French. For 5 years I really appreciate their yearly “open house” party. Now we invited them the last weekend in our new kitchen and for barbecue on the balcony. What a surprise then when Debbie mentioned the “Mainzer Kolleg” and the Johannes-Gutenberg University where she studied and did her MA 40 years ago. I had to tell her that I met her there in Mainz once – even for just only 5 seconds. She shared a room in the student residence with my girl friend I was visiting. She replied that as Debbie Marble she left the Mainzer Kolleg and wanted to spend the weekend with her friend Paul Hubbard. Later they got married and they will soon celebrate their ruby wedding. And she remembered the blond guy there 40 years ago 🙂 We ended by saying “the world is small” 🙂

PS: Debbie is a writer, her book “The Peace Bridge” has to do with her arrival in Mainz

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Our new kitchen


A big project – still ongoing and a bit challenging but love the result. One student said she felt she was on holiday with the new orange walls 🙂



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Stone Gap Paradise

For the past four years it has really been like living in paradise here at the Stone Gap in Niedernhausen to me. What an interesting street, the Stone Gap. Sometimes I think there is no need for a holiday to leave abroad or elsewhere when you have got it at home. So we are happy to say the party goes on!


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