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Bat out of Hell

What a fantastic early birthday present – tickets for amazing Bat out of Hell musical at the London Coliseum. I have been a Meat Loaf fan since my college days so it was great to meet my Poly Dollies for dinner first! Thanks to my Schatzi for the wonderful surprise!

Poly Dollies on a trip down Memory Lane in Lincoln

Great to see the girls again in the town where I had my formative years. Amazing view after climbing the 337 steps to the top of Lincoln Cathedral and thanks to Kim for driving around Washingborough to find the house we lived in!!

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The 90th birthday …

… but not of Miss Sophie but my Dad, so we traveled to Bournemouth for the first of two parties. My Dad got the red carpet treatment with 50 guests to help him celebrate his great day … but after the party is before the party and we’ll be celebrating again in Germany in four weeks! By the way, he started the day with an early morning swim!

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A perk of the job :-)

I had a very inspiring two days in Hamburg with a client of mine at their annual strategy meeting. My presentation on ‘Decency’ went down very well and most of the Hamburg people were pretty decent – particularly the passenger on the underground who walked me to our amazing 25hours Hotel. It was really interesting to visit Grüner & Jahr, listen to inspiring talks by the CEO, Julia Jäkel and the Chief Editor of the Stern, and learn all about info snacking (on the smartphone) and deep diving (on the sofa) 😊.

Baking with the precision of an engineer :-)

I was very impressed by how Reiner put the marzipan and icing on our traditional Christmas cake – he said it reminded him of decorating rooms which he loves doing! I suppose there is a slight similarity to plaster and paint …

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Happy Birthday Liz

Thanks to all my dear family, friends, students, fellow teachers and everyone else for all the birthday wishes which were all very much appreciated, whether in Facebook, phone call, Skype, Whatsapp, iMessage, email, Xing … or the good ‘ol paper card. You might like this one from John David Jolliffe 😆. And special thanks to my other half ❤️ who got up at three in the morning to hang up balloons after a rather liquid evening with our great neighbours of 27 years (Horst and Gerhild Binhack). And Marc Jolliffe for the steamer in his constant mission to try and get his Mum to actually like cooking in her kitchen as well as her beloved kitchen coaching …

A pub crawl around London

A visit to John in Oxford, spreading my Aunt’s ashes and an overnight stay with friends in Ruislip turned into a pub crawl … Including the Bear and Ragged Staff in Cumnor and The Case is Altered near Ruislip. Reiner was happy to get his traditional Fish & Chips 😊

Easter & Storm Katie

We planned to celebrate my Aunt Colleen’s 85th on Easter Saturday in the UK. Unfortunately she passed away on 8 March but we still had a lovely family celebration at my cousin Caroline’s 😊.

It was also lovely to see my nieces Frankie and Immie as well as other members of the Jolliffe family.

Our journey home was unfortunately extended by Storm Katie …

From Birthday parties to the Isle of Wight

August 2015 is a month where one Birthday party hunts the other 🙂

First we celebrated Liz’s in Niedernhausen then her brother-in-law’s 60th in Bournemouth.

We were invited to a great party with nice people and beautiful weather. But we couldn’t stop and ended in a 3 day tour on the Isle of Wight.

Our highlight was a wonderful walk to the Three Needles with a cream tea lunch at the best cream tea farm house in Britain.


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Impressions of an IATEFL delegate

Liz & the Earl

Liz and the Earl of Lancaster (Town Hall of Manchester City)

Feeling very inspired at the IATEFL Conference 2015. So many sterling speakers, networking opportunities and evening events – our highlight being David Crystal and Mrs Hoover taking off typical landladies in Brighton :-). And thanks to Reiner for patiently putting this blog together!