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More Northern Beaches (Mackay)

Interesting day today! Sue showed us the Northern Beaches of Mackay. We experienced mixed weather from sun to rain – the beaches are wonderful anyway. We popped by some friends of Sue’s and dived into the Australian culture and hospitality. Doris, a friend of Sue’s, said to us “come in and have some tea and cake”. Suddenly we were in the middle of a family as if we had been friends for ages. Later in the evening we finished the day with a nice red wine Barosso Shiraz from the south of Australia.

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Highlight: I found a nice shell on one of the Northern Beaches and will keep it as a souvenir.

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Hotel kerfuffle

We experienced our first Aussie wedding last night – or rather tried to sleep through shouting, singing and doors banging until the wee hours … But every cloud has a silver lining and the hotel gave us complimentary brekkie and Internet for the inconvenience – but only after a major kerfuffle trying to get back into our room quickly after breakfast as we had to get to the airport – and the door just would not open … Anyway we got to the airport in the nick of time …
Highlight: driving over Sydney Harbour Bridge



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Beautiful Northern Beaches

What a beautiful day! Armed with tissues, tablets and blue skies, we set off for the Northern Beaches (North of Sydney). The guide book says they are the most beautiful in the world, and with the blue Pacific Ocean, yellow sand and lush scenery, they must come pretty close. Our first stop was Newport Beach where I fullfilled my promise to kiss once in my lifetime Australian earth 🙂 and took my first dip. Fish and chips overlooking Palm Beach Wharf followed – absolute heaven. We then took a ferry trip past Ku-ring-gai Chase National park and saw our first kangeroos. On the way back I couldn’t resist another dip at Palm Beach 🙂

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Highlight: Fish ‘n Chips of course!



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We decided to pay the doctor in Newport a visit and he put it down to acute jet lag and prescribed some medication. 75 dollars for 5 minutes so thank goodness for ADAC health insurance. But it was a nice drive to Newport, north of Sydney and we were surprised to find our hotel overlooks a really pretty harbour, Pittwater. On the way we stopped at the Baha’i Temple which is very impressive – there are only seven in the world and we live near one in Germany.

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Highlight: yummy Thai seafood stir fry where you buy your wine at a bottle shop first!


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