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Last day

What a lovely last day! George had unfortunately had his breakfast by the time we got down to the beach at 06:30 so we had a quick breakfast and went for a lovely walk through the nature reserve to Turtle Lookout – and what a view! We were definitely ready for the pool afterwards and after clearing up, headed back to the pub at Eimeo and a leisurely lunch enjoying the fantastic view over the ocean. Then it was a last walk on the beach before heading back to Sue’s for yummy roast lamb!
Highlight: blue sea, blue sea, blue sea ….




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Ball Bay and onto Cape Hillsborough

Sue kindly drove us to the airport to pick up the car. After a quick shop in a mall (along with the rest of Australia :-)), we made an equally quick exit and drove to Ball Bay for lunch. Totally idyllic with just two horses to keep us company. Then it was onto Cape Hillsborough Nature Resort and a simple but clean and spacious beach hut literally next to the beach – lovely and peaceful (with limited Internet access). Tomorrow we’ll be up at five to see the wallabes on the beach and drive up to Airlie Beach for a Three Island Adventure Cruise – watch this space!
Highlight: surprise visitor and hot roast chicken picnic at Ball Bay 🙂


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It’s all about sugar!

Sweetener or sugar? Anyway, around Mackay you cannot ignore the huge fields of sugar canes. The streets around Mackay are very often touched by the sugar cane railway network which is used to transport cut sugar cane to the mills to crush and make sugar. To understand a little bit of the process I found it nice to get some help from Sue. Concerning sugar vocabulary, you can find a lot on the web, obviously 😉
Besides all the sugar Sue didn’t want to leave us Mackay without showing us the Regional Botanic Gardens of Mackay. Interesting what you can learn there about the history and formation of Australia.

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Highlight: a Wonderful day with two nice girls and the ongoing feeling of being where I always wanted to be with the best person to enjoy it with!

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Sue’s 70th birthday

First, must just show you this picture of this cute frog on the window … But no kangaroos yet although we ate kangaroo at Sue’s birthday dinner last night … tastes similar to venison. Lovely party in a converted church top Mackay restaurant and it was fascinating to talk to real Aussies who mostly have their roots somewhere in Great Britain. Really open, friendly people in a country where profession is just not important and everyone has made us feel so welcome.

Our mascot of the holiday

Our mascot of the holiday

PS Thanks for all the compliments on the blog – Reiner tells me every day it is the best holiday of his life and it has been great to share it with so many family, friends and students.

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Highlight: Sue’s birthday of course and the yummy carrot birthday cake I made for her!

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G’day from rainy Australia

It was extremely wet today in Australia and especially in the Mackay area. So it was a day for me to repair something in the house of our landlady and assemble a laundry trolley. And we went shopping (very exciting 😉 in the supermarket Woolworths. Later on in the day I found myself reading some interesting things about Australian history. E.g. I found the following about the Australian Flags.


Highlight: gorgeous dinner cooked by our landlady – beef in beer with caramalized onions – just yummy!

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Eungella National Park

We took a trip to Eungella National Park about 80 km west of Mackay in the hope of seeing a platypus and ended up finding a very eccentric German Lady from Braunschweig in her rather eccentric CafĂ© with teapots hanging from trees and plants growing in old sneakers :-). The only animals we came across were scrub turkeys and leeches who licked our blood but apparently are harmless … It was very interesting to walk through the rain forest and see all the different foliage such as staghorn and crows nest ferns.

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Highlight: souvenir chime bells at the Hideaway Café.

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More Northern Beaches (Mackay)

Interesting day today! Sue showed us the Northern Beaches of Mackay. We experienced mixed weather from sun to rain – the beaches are wonderful anyway. We popped by some friends of Sue’s and dived into the Australian culture and hospitality. Doris, a friend of Sue’s, said to us “come in and have some tea and cake”. Suddenly we were in the middle of a family as if we had been friends for ages. Later in the evening we finished the day with a nice red wine Barosso Shiraz from the south of Australia.

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Highlight: I found a nice shell on one of the Northern Beaches and will keep it as a souvenir.

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Wet, windy and shopping

Still wet and windy, we decided to explore the local supermarket ‘Woolworths’ – and what prices! Basic essentials cost about 3x as much as in Germany but meat about the same. However, wages seem to be higher but not that much … It dried up this afternoon so we took to Mackay Harbour and the grey Pacific. It was nice to meet Sue’s son and family who gave us some great information about a boat trip to Reiner’s corals – so fingers crossed the sun shines soon!

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Highlight: ‘I give it a year’ – a new British comedy at the local cinema involving a media agency …

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We arrive in the Sunshine State ;-)

…. and it’s raining cats ‘n gekkos, really! The welcome was great. We were picked up by our friend Sue. Sue is a childhood friend of Liz’s and has been living in Australia for 40 years. We are going to celebrate her 70th birthday this week with her friends and family. We will enjoy her hospitality this week and to be honest her cooking – she is a good cook! Gosh, my muffin top is getting bigger and bigger. At the moment – it’s just 9:00 pm – it’s raining like crazy but if things go in ‘the right direction’ Sue will show us a bit of the surrounding. I’m really exited, more and more I know I will see the corals.


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