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Captain Cook and Cape Hillsborough

On 2nd June 1770 Captain Cook was the first European to see Cape Hillsborough. He named the area after the Earl of Hillsborough. 90 years later the first farms had been founded there. The resort we are at just now was developed in the year I was born. Guess how old I am 😉
Anyway the Cape Hillsborough Resort nowadays is a gorgeous area to spend a week or more to get this laid back feeling after a very active time in Queensland.

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Highlight: The beach of Wedge Island and its Mangrove forests

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Last day

What a lovely last day! George had unfortunately had his breakfast by the time we got down to the beach at 06:30 so we had a quick breakfast and went for a lovely walk through the nature reserve to Turtle Lookout – and what a view! We were definitely ready for the pool afterwards and after clearing up, headed back to the pub at Eimeo and a leisurely lunch enjoying the fantastic view over the ocean. Then it was a last walk on the beach before heading back to Sue’s for yummy roast lamb!
Highlight: blue sea, blue sea, blue sea ….




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Idyllic day at Cape Hillsborough

What a perfect day! Waking at dawn to the sound of waves lapping onto the beach, walking sleepily over to say good morning to our new friend George playing with the other kangaroos and wallabies in the sand (some with babies in their pouches) while the sun was rising, then a long walk on the beach in the company of two turtle doves, followed by the pool to cool off. A siesta was then the order of the day in the hot sunshine and another walk on the beach to watch the sun go down. And what’s the best way to finish a hot day in Oz? A barbie of course!
Highlight: the whole day 🙂20130416-162322.jpg20130416-162405.jpg20130416-162417.jpg


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Ball Bay and onto Cape Hillsborough

Sue kindly drove us to the airport to pick up the car. After a quick shop in a mall (along with the rest of Australia :-)), we made an equally quick exit and drove to Ball Bay for lunch. Totally idyllic with just two horses to keep us company. Then it was onto Cape Hillsborough Nature Resort and a simple but clean and spacious beach hut literally next to the beach – lovely and peaceful (with limited Internet access). Tomorrow we’ll be up at five to see the wallabes on the beach and drive up to Airlie Beach for a Three Island Adventure Cruise – watch this space!
Highlight: surprise visitor and hot roast chicken picnic at Ball Bay 🙂


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