Lisbon – a beautiful city full of character

We followed my student’s advice and just went up the Elevador de Santa Justa, wandered through the old city and travelled back to the metro station Rossio with the old yellow 28 tram – and of course stopped off for a custard tart of which we now know the history …

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Portugal at its best

Welcome to the land of dramatic coastlines, pretty towns (here Sintra), castles (Palace of Pena) and yummy fish (and custard tarts). Enjoying our first Airbnb holiday at Praia Grande with an unexpected 100m pool at the nearby hotel – it was quite spectacular watching the waves crashing over it on our first day!

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Poly Dollies on a trip down Memory Lane in Lincoln

Great to see the girls again in the town where I had my formative years. Amazing view after climbing the 337 steps to the top of Lincoln Cathedral and thanks to Kim for driving around Washingborough to find the house we lived in!!

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Easter Wellness in the Bavarian Alps

Wonderful Easter break at an amazing Wellness Hotel in Oberjoch proud of its Slow Food and excellent customer service. We got out our walking shoes and went for a particularly interesting walk with an 80 year old mountain guide who knew every stone and wild flower. We’ll be back!

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The second 90th birthday party ….

… was exactly four weeks later and we had a very memorable party with our friends in Germany at Alter Hof in Hofheim-Wallau. The food was amazing and there was a surprise visit by the other 90th birthday child, Miss Sophie and her butler James … Olaf took some amazing photos and Marianne made the lovely name cards.

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The 90th birthday …

… but not of Miss Sophie but my Dad, so we traveled to Bournemouth for the first of two parties. My Dad got the red carpet treatment with 50 guests to help him celebrate his great day … but after the party is before the party and we’ll be celebrating again in Germany in four weeks! By the way, he started the day with an early morning swim!

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Nürtingen on the river Neckar

Nice eggs for breakfast in hotelRiver Neckar and NürtingenThe Aileswasensee nearby Neckartailfingen

Liz seems to be a fan of Stuttgart and now Nürtingen. We had a nice weekend there, visited my elder son and realized how beautiful the area around the the Aileswasensee (belongs to Neckatailfingen) is.

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A perk of the job :-)

I had a very inspiring two days in Hamburg with a client of mine at their annual strategy meeting. My presentation on ‘Decency’ went down very well and most of the Hamburg people were pretty decent – particularly the passenger on the underground who walked me to our amazing 25hours Hotel. It was really interesting to visit Grüner & Jahr, listen to inspiring talks by the CEO, Julia Jäkel and the Chief Editor of the Stern, and learn all about info snacking (on the smartphone) and deep diving (on the sofa) 😊.

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Christmas with my men :-)

Reiner called it “übermännert” – my Christmas together with the men in my life 😉 … Reiner, my boys, Dad, ex-husband Nick, Reiner’s brother Klaus and our good friend Bernd … and good fun was had by all!

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Baking with the precision of an engineer :-)

I was very impressed by how Reiner put the marzipan and icing on our traditional Christmas cake – he said it reminded him of decorating rooms which he loves doing! I suppose there is a slight similarity to plaster and paint …

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