Wedding Day

We did it! We are now Mr & Mrs Jolliffe and celebrated yesterday with a small but beautiful party following our motto of Love & Laughter …

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Can‘t stop the rain … (at Hardanger Fjord)

The house right on the water‘s edge was beautiful, the scenery was beautiful, the rippling water too … but the rain … But we made the most of it and visited spectacular waterfalls, went on wet Norwegian walks, drove up to the Folgefonna glacier and ate good Norwegian food (fishballs, meatballs and lamb in cabbage). The Norwegians rarely eat out as it is so expensive (they pay their people well) and eat good healthy food. Luckily they also like watching football so we kept ourselves occupied with the first round of the World Cup :-).

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To Bergen by train

Said to be one of the most beautiful train rides in the world, we travelled through the most amazing scenery and enjoyed free tea and coffee. I was very amused by the American lady behind us who commented that “the butterscotch houses are not very refreshing”.


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Norway – back to the roots

It was wonderful to catch up with and introduce Reiner to my Norwegian family. My paternal Grandmother (Bestemor) studied English in Birmingham and stayed when she met my Grandfather (Bestefar). Her father, Ole Dehli founded the Cooperative movement in Norway at the beginning of the 20th Century and there is even a statue of him in Oslo. So it was great to stay with my second cousins Kari in Lunde, Telemark and then Arvid on the Oslo Fjord. I think the pictures say everything about how beautiful it is. The Norwegians are incredibly open and hospitable and we (my sister Jenny and husband Trev, Reiner and I) were made very welcome. We made sure we said “Takk” for everything like we read in the guide book – the Norwegians even say “Takk for sist” (thank you for the last time) when they meet each other after a while.

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Berchtesgaden & Salzburg

Another lovely Easter full of wellness 🙂 starting with brunch at John’s in Munich on the way down. Hotel Edelweiss was a dream and Königssee and Salzburg beautiful in the sunshine.

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Malta in November

What an impressive island! Malta shows you every weather you can imagine (but no snow).
Liz an I, we joined in Malta (or do you say “on Malta”) the 30th IATEFL BESIG Annual Conference. And we had a lot of time to look arround the “Salini Resort”. For half a day we could also visit the Capital of Malta: Valetta.

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The three Royals

There are many stories about the Eiger, the Mönch and the Jungfrau but we are again and again inspired by how they majestically tower over Grindelwald. There are not enough fascinating walks in the mountains and we are grateful for the sunny weather!

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From Biel to Grindelwald

After a wonderful sunny day in Biel we arrived on an even sunny day in Grindelwald. We bought a 3-day-Jungfrau-Pass and were the day after at the Jungfrau-Joch. An amazing Swiss Alp area there, really!

Table of MountainsGrindelwald - Eiger

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Coaching in Switzerland

It was an honour to be invited by ETAS, The English Teachers Association of Switzerland to present my coaching workshop on their annual Professional Development Day. It was a very inspiring day in the pretty town of Biel/Bienne and good to catch up with some familiar faces in the world of ELT. And Reiner, my invaluable technical consultant, enjoyed being immersed in all the facets of the English language :-).

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Bat out of Hell

What a fantastic early birthday present – tickets for amazing Bat out of Hell musical at the London Coliseum. I have been a Meat Loaf fan since my college days so it was great to meet my Poly Dollies for dinner first! Thanks to my Schatzi for the wonderful surprise!

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